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Please fill out the following form so we can learn a bit about you and so you can be placed in a team.  While none of the personal information is required it will help us insure that the teams we form are well balanced. Thanks! 

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When we post the teams we would like to post each members email address.  This is not required but it will facilitate setting up your first team meeting.  If you agree to having your email address posted please enter the address you would like to be contacted at here:

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10:10 - 12:05
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What was your grade range in the following courses (or their equivalent if you have transfer credits):

Course A - A+ B+ - A- B- - B C- - C+ < C- Not Taken
MATH 2930

MATH 2940
ENGRD 2020
ENGRD 3200
ENGRD 2210
PHYS 22130/2217

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