Fall 2017 Textbook

I am apalled at the price of the newly released 8th edition of White's textbook and will continue to work from the 7th edition.  Used copies of the 7th edition can be found on Amazon and elsehwere for around $50.  I have placed two copies on reserve at Uris. Look online as well for used copies as well as previous students who may be willing to part with their textbook.  I will discuss this further on the first day of class.

Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition

Frank M. White
ISBN: 978-0-077-42241-7
Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies
Hardback, 862 Pages
Published February 2011

Reading and homework set problems will be assigned from the text book. Students are welcome to use previous versions of the text but it will be their responsibility to insure that they have access to the correct problems from the book and any cross-referencing of reading assignments.

The textbook is a supplement to my extensive typeset course notes which will be made available in class and online.