Homework Guidelines

All homework solutions must be neatly and clearly presented as hand-written calculations or as a computer printout. Problem sets are due at 4:00pm on the dates shown on the syllabus. Late homeworks will NOT be accepted

Homework is to be done in the assigned teams with each team handing in one homework solution. The team name MUST  be written on the upper-right corner of the front page of the assignment along with  the names of the team members that actively participated in the generation of the homework solutions.  The role of each team member (e.g., Coordinator, Recorder, Monitor, Checker - see Team Policies page for details) should be listed to the right of the team members' names.  Each team member much take on each roll at least 3 times.

 Each member should outline solutions prior to producing the team solution. The individual solution outlines need not be handed in but are meant to insure that each team member has thought about the problems BEFORE coming together for team meetings..

Please observe the following guidelines (as applicable) when submitting homework: