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Megabyte 'Rocky II' in its original form.

Megabyte 'Rocky II' gone feral.


Faculty advisor: Dr. Park Doing (pdo9)
Team Leader: Geoffrey Tang (gt56)
Webmaster: Anubhav Jain (aj67)

Cornell Feral Robotic Dog Team

CEE 309/492: Engineers for a Sustainable World

Our goal is to equip a toy robot with chemical sensors and reprogram it so that it can be unleashed on a contaminated site.

Our current project focuses on the harmful chemical Trichloroethylene (TCE), high levels of which have been found near several Ithaca homes.

The team has already replaced our dog's legs with controllable wheels for better stability over rough terrain. In addition, we've fitted it with volatile organic compound (VOC) chemical sensors. However, we still expect much work in the future - sensor sensitivity, uneven terrain, and space-filling algorithms for multiple dogs are some of the tasks that still need to be addressed.

See a video clip of the dog in action!