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The wave field of 2004 giant tsunami computed by COMCOT about 2 hours after the earthquake.

COMCOT (Cornell Multi-grid Coupled Tsunami Model) is a tsunami modeling package, capable of simulating the entire lifespan of a tsunami, from its generation, propagation and runup/rundown on coastal regions.

COMCOT adopts leap-frog Finite Differencing Method to solve Shallow Water Equations in Spherical/Cartesian Coordinates. With the flexible nested grids setup, it can balance the accuracy and efficiency fairly well.

The model has been used to investigate several historical tsunami events, such as the 1960 Chilean tsunami, the 1992 Flores Islands (Indonesia) tsunami (Liu et al., 1994; Liu et al., 1995), the 2003 Algeria Tsunami (Wang and Liu, 2005) and more recently the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami (Wang and Liu, 2006).

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